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The Book of First Maccabees

For years I thought that the “silent” 400 years between the Old and New Testaments meant that during this time God did not act in any way for His people.  After reading First Maccabees, I realized that although God did … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur: The Day Of Atonement

In this paper I will examine in a necessarily abbreviated manner (because the material is worthy of volumes), the Old Testament feast of Yom Kippur, the related Jewish traditions, and then the fulfillment of this feast by Jesus the Mashiach … Continue reading

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How Jesus Fulfilled the Feasts of Israel during Holy Week

Download a PDF chart about how Jesus fulfilled the feasts of Israel during Holy Week here: Holy Week          When I was a boy, my family went to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Holy Week there was a moving festival, starting … Continue reading

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